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When everyone is talking about work from home and we are actually doing it well; thought of penning down my experience too!

Had someone told me I would have to work from home for a month I would be worried.  Now that I have experienced it, I have started appreciating it.  There has been a lot of learning in the process.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost their dear ones, or unable to do much at this point in time.  But, this too shall pass.  There is a lot we can do by just being disciplined and keeping the spirits high.  This is exactly the time when less is more.  At least, we have the virtual world to keep us involved.  I wonder what if there was no internet!  I respect and salute those who are helping the world survive during this crucial period. 

Being a family of bibliophiles we could not think of a day without newspaper. Guess what? We are fine without the dose of negative feedback in the morning.  We have chosen to start with more positive/motivational stuff.

Praying/Meditation were just a ritual, now it’s a conscious effort towards practicing gratefulness.  Also, time to search for answers from inside rather than outside.

With less travel there is more quality added to work.  There is no need to travel an hour after logging-off…. to reach the family.  The moment I log-off am available at home!!!

I never knew tracking an ant who intruded into dollhouse owned by my 7 year old could be so much fun.  She was commenting on every turn it took.  While I enjoyed small stuff I realised how her communication has improved.  I wonder if I paid attention on such details when I was stressed travelling.  Earlier I was home but not available, I heard but not listened.  I really see the difference NOW.

We are not able to go out during weekends or get food delivered.  We have still survived with simple food and bare minimum.   On days I can’t cook we treat ourselves with fruits.  Nature rocks, choice is OURS.  There are so many good stuffs that can be done instead of shopping in a mall/super-market and spending hours only to swipe a card.  I shall continue with minimalist living and plan my purchase going forward.  Those extra items just mess the house and cleaning the mess is yet another task.

We don’t need external help when we all do our bit (including kids).  Looking at the effort that goes into my work my kid has been obedient with homework (well not always but yeah it has improved).  We have sensible arguments, difference of opinion but NO yelling.  There is no rushing, pushing or slamming but things are fine.  Then, why was I rushing each morning like a headless chicken?

Why did we block our roads and make every day a battle, when those who can work are silently working even today.  Now, the fight is for life while earlier it was for living.  Had we used our common sense a lot frequently we would probably be better human beings. Nature has abundant resources for each living being, its greed that depletes resources. Now there is scarcity of thousand things. Did we go too far?

Instead of fighting to find time am moving towards “one at a time”.  No school no extra classes but we are exploring more interesting topics each day.  Books, riddles, blocks, chess, board games….all old stuff is suddenly a good investment of time.   Without missing a thing, we really have survived with no television at all.  This small change has helped us transfer wisdom from book shelves to our own memory.  All the greatest teachers are ready for me at home if only I have time for them!!!

While some of us are finding new trills of working from home we really need to appreciate those who are having younger kids or dependents to deal with.  It is never easy to concentrate when there are other challenges that need our attention.  It really depends on situations we are dealing with.  If by chance we connect with those who can understand this then that bonding should stay longer.

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Post Author: rashmi