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It is an interesting question to ask, why do we need money?  Irony is, when there is uncertainty about future even a satisfied person gets shaken.  The most inappropriate place to check our networth is in a hospital waiting room.  However, the most important saving in one’s life is the MEMORY!  Still, the word money touches the right chord somehow.  Is it time or money that is important?  I leave it to you…..

In the current situation when most valued employees are asked to leave the job, when your favorite restaurant has run out of business in few months and meeting each other is out of question I was tempted to check how we can get over this virtually.  Well, good news is we CAN.

Would you pursue your passion? Dream? Update skills? Launch a business? So, if this is a risky time to do what you wanted to do and nothing really is certain in the immediate future what else is the choice?  When else is the right time? Let’s explore.

Learn, unlearn, do, redo …………..find your path.  Who knows it could be the next big thing!

When imagination is fueled by passion, dreams do come true. 

Below are a few options to explore before the world gets back on its feet.


  1. Dividend
  2. Investment in stock market
  3. Trading in stock market
  4. Invest in index funds
  5. Rental income
  6. Invest in REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)
  7. Refinance your loans and invest the saving
  8. Pay off high interest debt and invest the saving
  9. Publish an ebook
  10. Monetize your photography skills
  11. Publish course online
  12. Publish planners online
  13. Create app, use coding to create new things
  14. Affiliate marketing
  15. Network marketing
  16. Design cloths and sell online
  17. Drop shipping
  18. List your place on airbnb
  19. Start lunch service/home business
  20. Rent your car
  21. Start you tube channel
  22. Use your real estate wisely (it can be let out on rent during weekends for classes)
  23. Write product reviews and get paid
  24. Do a typing job for someone and get paid
  25. Become freelance writer/editor
  26. Reach out to small business to see if your skills help them.
  27. Sell your course on teachable
  28. Conduct paid sessions on webex (other web meetings)
  29. Create your own website and sell your products
  30. Join a business (no skill goes waste)
  31. Take paid surveys (swagbucks, survey junkie, inbox dollars,,
  32. Market your skills on Fiverr.
  33. Buy/Sell on ebay, amazon etc
  34. Become insurance agent
  35. Real estate agent

There could be many more…take the first step the path will show itself as we move.

It could be hard, time consuming, could have hurdles……………………BUT…..Do it to know it…

Reach out to me if I can help …….All the best!

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Post Author: rashmi