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I stood on the terrace

smiled and said, I am marrying the love of my life!

I believed I shall scale new heights, live my dreams.

Little did I know I would be pushed off the cliff.

As much as I wanted to choose family and business

I was pushed to join the rat race.

I embraced it, with my little skills;

I climbed a small mountain, got promoted and found my niche.

Before I planned for my next climb, I was pushed off the cliff,

My parents needed me and I choose them over my job.

I honed my skills, kept my dreams alive.

Slowly I started the journey towards bigger mountain,

London it was.

Just when I thought I would take the flight;

I was pushed off the cliff.

My father-in-law was serious this time, I choose him and let go the London dreams.

While he recovered, we created happy memories.

I started my journey towards yet another bigger mountain.

Mid way I realized this time we were 2 of us climbing,

It would impact my husband for choosing me.

My dad had a stroke, I choose him. We were blessed.

We survived. Smiled. Started walking for the next mountain.

This time we were 3

I was going to be a mother!

I walked carefully, planned every move, built dreams unlimited.

Little did I know… world is going to remind me I am a ‘woman plus a mother’

Limiting beliefs all around….

This turned out to be the toughest journey, I doubted my direction, froze a bit.

The winds of emotions were at its strongest, relationships broke, new bonds were born.

When my environment showed weakness, I saw strength

I learned to say NO

I learned to ask for HELP, guilt existed all along, however it was, I had to move on.

My brain was comfortable with filters, I never knew existed

I filtered negatives and nurtured my little offspring, nothing else mattered.

Suddenly I became important for myself, which I had not registered until then.

My little one taught me how to stand up for myself, to put myself first,

Happiness prevailed. Determined mothers are unstoppable. Believe and move on was the lesson learnt.

The next mountain was the toughest, I knew it was not just me but we were three (husband, little one and me)

We reached the top, I knew the feeling, afraid to accept;

This time our closest people pushed us off the cliff

Little did I know all the earlier jumps were only practice.

This time around with bigger responsibilities at hand, I took the leap of faith

The belief, the hope, the dreams, the strength, the determination, the perseverance, the dedication and all the learning

came along, as we jumped, we saw the wings unfold which we did not know existed.

we had nurtured these wings unknowingly, learned to balance, set limits and priorities over time.

We knew we were flying, letting go our fear of falling.

It’s not the end until we give up on ourselves

As long as we can breathe, we can succeed. Period.

Remember: If you think you jumped off the cliff (gave up on something), or you were pushed due to circumstance, take a break, learn and accelerate. You are meant to FLY HIGH. Don’t ever give up on YOURSELF!!!

Mission: With all the learning in the journey so far, the stock market gave me the freedom and opportunities, I am on a mission to help people earn additional income through stock market investing and trading. A small skill can go a long way.

Career Break? Alright, no big deal.  Upgrade your skills.

Personal Break? Needed, take it anyway.

Failure? Part of the game.

Delay? Is not denial.

Mistakes? No one is perfect, not even God.  Learn from others who walked before you.  Make efforts to teach those who will walk right behind you.

Giving up? Never give up on yourself.  Rest is just a choice.  The fact that you are here is proof enough to show God did not give up on you.

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Post Author: rashmi