Mission : Peaceful Investing towards Wealth Creation!

Purpose: This blog is focused to teach stock market investing & stock market trading to help individuals in their wealth creation journey through step-by-step education and guidance.

About Me

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. However, I chose to join regular job soon after my graduation. I wholeheartedly thank my professors and my books who at every step questioned my beliefs, which lead me to be open-minded. I feel being an entrepreneur or an employee, both have their own pros and cons. What is common is that learning never stops. I have worked with multinational investment banks, traders and trained several people over the years.

The word stock market has kept me curious since childhood. I kept digging into books and attending session on this topic. The decision to invest and invest smartly is a life long event which can’t be ignored.

I chose banking/finance and I owe my success to my choices.  It was only when I took my maternity break that the Trader in me woke up stronger than ever and took a lead. I learnt my way through and today I believe I am many times wiser. I still wear all these hats and look forward to learning and having fun in my small world.  That, in a nutshell, is me, Rashmi Rao for you. More when we meet. See you soon.

So come join a community of like minded people to share and support each other in becoming profitable in investing, trading and create wealth!